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Gino Martino

"Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino

Iron Skull

Gino Martino and his manager the Legendary Ox Bake

U.C.W. Champion

Name: Gino Martino


Height: 5'11"


Weight: 303 lbs


Home Town: Revere, Ma. Formally from Singapore, China


Experience: 7 years


Training:  Ox Baker, Paul Zine, Tony Rumble, Butcher Hughes, Dan Pettiglio


Titles held: Current UCW Heavyweight Champion

All-Asiatic champion. Has held over 20 different titles in many different New England promotions


Manager: Legendary Ox Baker


Finisher: The Spinal, Tap (Bear Hug/Spine buster combo)

Axe Grinder (Running Elbow off the apron onto the floor)

Iron Skull Buster (Multiple head butts)



Quote: It's Killing Time!!


Notes: The Extreme Strongman is the #1 protégé of the Legendary OX BAKER. The All- Asiatic Champion has concrete blocks jack hammered off his head to prove he has the toughest skull in professional wrestling. He has challenged Tony Atlas and other wrestlers to head butt contests to back his claim. Gino is currently involved in a heated feud with Travis Funk. It is a feud that shows no signs of letting up. A former professional strongman and Kung Fu Master Martino, has won many martial arts championships with his brick and, concrete breaking skills. Martino is considered the most dangerous man in Ultimate Championship Wrestling.