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Robbie Ellis

"The Sports Illustrated Legend" Robbie Ellis

Ellis VS Duggan

Name:  Robbie Ellis
Height:   57

Weight:  185 lbs. 

Home Town:  Portland, Maine.
Experience:  Uh, 1 or 2 years.

Training: Tony Santos gym at the old Boston Arena

Titles held: Y.P.W. Lightweight champion, S.C.C.W. Lightweight champion, I.C.W. Lightweight champion, (Current) A.P.C.W. Lightweight champion, E.W.A. Lightweight champion.
Manager: None
Finisher:  A reverse DDT, followed by splash off the top rope

Quote: Damn! I look good!  Eat your heart out.

Notes: Also work for Maine Event Wrestling (M.E.W. Maine), Midwest Pro Wrestling (M.P.W. Minneapolis), Power League Wrestling (P.L.W. New England), Ultimate Championship Wrestling (U.C.W. New England), Chikara (Pennsylvania). 

Featured extensively  in the following magazines: Sports Illustrated, Yankee Magazine, Superstar Wrestler, The Wrestler, featuring photos vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, (May of 2003 issue). National TV featured extensive stories specifically about Robbie Ellis, The Today Show NBC, ABC World News Tonight, Osgood File (CBS) Chronicle (Channel 5, Boston), Sports Channel New England (SCNE), Time and Again (MSNBC), and various newspaper stories including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Portland (Maine) Press Herald