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Dan Bidondi

"All American" Dan Bidondi


Name: "All-American" Dan Bidondi

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 215lbs

Home Town: Central Falls, RI

Experience: 9 years.

Training: started in Yankee with Dave Susa, got advanced training from John
Rambo, Anthony Rufo, Gino Martino

Titles held: Y.P.W. lightweight champion, Y.P.W. 6-man tagteam champion, I.W.A. cruiserweight champion, U.C.W. cruiserweight champion, U.C.W. two time tagteam champion, I.I.W. cruiserweight champion, I.W.A. tagteam champion, E.P.W. tagteam champion, N.W.A. N.E. jr heavyweight champion, H.W.F. tagteam champion, W.C.W.A. tagteam champion, A.P.C.W. East Coast champion.

Manager: none

Finisher: Gatorplex, fujijua arm bar

Quote: Trust in God and follow your dreams

Notes: A dedicated vetran of the sport competes anually in freestyle wrestling tournaments throught the U.S.